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We live in an increasingly inter-connected world. Our reliance on digital is part of our everyday experiences and Cyber Security has never been more important. Cyber attack vectors and breaches are not bound by borders. Templar Executives EMEA offers a market leading portfolio of Cyber Security services and solutions to governments, multi-national organisations and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), across all sectors.

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Our internationally recognised strategic engagement applied to your organisation supports your business transformation and cultural change programme building Cyber Security resiliency at all levels.

Organisations need the right insight to drive forward their security agenda. We will evaluate your Cyber Security and information assurance maturity to ensure your business can operate safely.

With the growth in malicious and non-malicious threats, we can provide the knowledge and necessary skills to anticipate, address and mitigate business threats and meet regulatory standards.

Our state of the art technology and threat intelligence tools, together with immersive incident response exercises will protect and secure your business against Cyber and information security risk.

The Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team (MCERT) provides a Cyber incident reporting portal;  global incident response; proactive intelligence feeds; advice; support and real time assistance.

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About us

About Us

Templar Executives EMEA, based in Cork, Ireland is part of Templar Executives Ltd an innovative and experienced global Cyber Security consultancy trusted by Governments, multi-nationals and SMEs. We successfully deliver tailored and sustainable Cyber Security strategy transformation underpinned by world-class NCSC Certified training programmes.
Our team operates at the highest level across the public and private sectors globally, helping shape Government and corporate policy, developing national strategies and embedding capability and best practices protocols within organisations.  With projects in over 55 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia, our unique capability and experience optimises business outcomes through bespoke holistic Cyber Security solutions, encompassing culture and best practices.

Our deep and broad expertise in Cyber Security consulting, information security auditing and training is supplemented by unparalleled technical expertise.

With presence across the globe - You are assured with Templar Executives


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