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We recognise that every organisation is different. Our solutions are bespoke and aligned to your own business strategy and risk appetite.

Our people come with established and tested provenance from both the public and commercial sectors. We are fluent in the language of the C-Suite. We support you in understanding and navigating Cyber Security challenges, embedding security culture and enabling your business to flourish.


Recent Client Engagements

FTSE 100 Critical National Infrastructure (CNI):

Working with national defence and engineering organisations we have successfully ensured they have improved their Cyber Security posture to a level of maturity that is business enabling.  

US Defence:

Working with one of the world's biggest security and intelligence multi-nationals Templar Executives are delivering high end services enabling the company to gain competitive advantage and  win new private sector and government business.

Global European Technology and Engineering Company:

Working as a trusted partner providing strategic

expertise for the company's future growth we are successfully supporting the C-Suite, in understanding and mitigating Cyber Security business risk.

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