Cyber Academy - Course Example

GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Awareness eLearning Programme

Why Is cyber security awareness so important?

Cyber security and protecting information is everyone’s responsibility.

Our e-learning course enables organisations to quickly, efficiently and effectively raise the level of employee cyber security awareness across the business. The course highlights best practice to optimise business outcomes, understand responsibilities and the consequences of getting it wrong. Users are provided with multiple choice and scenario based questions to embed learning and facilitate discussion.

Course key learning areas:

  • Why cyber security is important

  • Importance of protecting personal and commercial information

  • Implications of a data breach

  • Regulatory and compliance considerations

  • Overview of the key Threats

  • Information classification

  • Information life-cycle, processing and handling

  • Breaches and consequences

  • Protecting you and your business online;

  • Strong password guidance

  • Social media best practice

  • Social engineering and phishing

  • E-commerce best practice

  • Overview of best practice technical, physical and procedural controls

  • Best practice on reporting incidents

  • Best practice on managing information risk

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