Cyber incidents in the Maritime sector have been making global headlines; tackling this agenda is imperative for any nation or organisation dependent on shipping and seeking to be part of a prosperous maritime industry. 

The International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence (IMCCE), spearheaded by Templar Executives in partnership with leading maritime player Wärtsilä, is based in London and Singapore. It is a global collaborative industry initiative established in response to the increasing Cyber threats and to promote Cyber resilience.


The IMCCE encompasses the Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team (MCERT) to help respond and recover from cyber incidents and the Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime (T-CAM) to raise awareness and address the industry skills gap.

The MCERT enables reporting of Cyber incidents and provides real-time assistance to members during a Cyber incident. It also provides proactive support such as intelligence feeds and daily threat alerts and is on boarding more industry partners to supplement a global remediation capability – in essence offering tailor made solutions from the maritime industry for the industry.

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