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Cyber incidents in the Maritime sector have been making global headlines; tackling this agenda is imperative for any nation or organisation dependent on shipping and seeking to be part of a prosperous maritime industry. 

The Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team (MCERT), spearheaded by Templar Executives in partnership with leading maritime player Wärtsilä, is based in London and Singapore. It is a global collaborative industry initiative established in response to the increasing Cyber threats and to promote Cyber resilience.

The MCERT enables reporting of Cyber incidents and provides real-time assistance to members during a Cyber incident. It also provides proactive support such as intelligence feeds and daily threat alerts and is on boarding more industry partners to supplement a global remediation capability – in essence offering tailor made solutions from the maritime industry for the industry.

As well as the MCERT, Templar Executives also offers the Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime (T-CAM). The T-CAM includes a broad and growing world-class portfolio of NCSC and ClassNK Certified e-Learning and other online and classroom courses, ranging from Cyber Security briefings for Boards and senior management to Cyber awareness for all organisational levels.

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